Argo Asia Network Won “The Best Branding Agency” Award


On September 16th 2021, Argo Asia Network won the title of The Best Branding Agency with a score of 85.17 from the judges at the "Indonesia Brand Communication Championship 2021" organized by Mix Marcomm Magazine.

The award received by Argo Asia Network is a form of success in providing the best service by always making clients the top priority with three following approach :

First, always involve the client as a co-producer as a partner in forming a strategy that is developed according to the client's needs, while helping to convey business objectives with a different approach.

Second, integrating all vertical services at Argo to develop a strong strategy and create added value to the project as well as to address ongoing issues.

Third, Argo Asia Network builds the foundation by building relationships and building loyalty.

In this digital era, communicating using digital-visual technology is important to develop a business in various fields. Technology in the digital world is very helpful in accelerating and creating creative strategies for business development. Argo Asia Network is ready to help clients' needs, especially in facing challenges during the pandemic and provide the best solutions to achieve the expected marketing goals.

"We are grateful for the "The Best Branding Agency" award that we have won. This award will certainly motivate and encourage Argo Asia Network to continue to develop to be better and always learn and adapt to the marketing disruptions that occur and provide the best service to clients,” said David Christ, CEO of Argo Asia Network, after receiving an award from Mix Magazine, on Thursday (16/9/2021).