COPYWRITING TIPS : Keep Readers Eyes on Screen!


Copywriting is one of powerful tools that makes digital marketing strategy successful. You had to make a good and quick hook to make your readers continue to scroll down the page and come back for your page.

Here are six copywriting tips to step up your content game and keep your readers on the page!

1. Proven method net proven result Use 4Ps method (Problem, Promise, Proof, and Proposal) Start with copywriting formula and build out from there. 2. Use Powerful Language Start using power words to increase the length of time people stay on your site and how often they come back to check out your new content. 3. Say More With Less Use a quick, snappy headlines that basically condences multiple sentences of information into just three words, readers now know two different product benefits. 4. Use the right tools to perfect your writing Copywriters do need some tools to look for spelling errors, wrong word and tense. 5. Develop a unique style and tone Use language that any customer would be likely to use in a normal conversation with friends or co-workers. Source :