Redefining How to Arrange the Right Campaign Strategy


To increases brand awareness, a well-prepared campaign is needed. In addition to preparation, there is also good execution so that the campaign can run. NusaTalent collaborated with Argo Asia Network to hold a webinar entitled “Creative Development for Campaign Strategy.”.This activity intends to support Fresh Graduates and Job Seekers who are interested in working in agencies to learn and improve skills, especially in the creative and marketing fields.

The webinar, held through the Zoom Meeting application on Friday, August 27, 2021, was attended by 80 participants consisting of Fresh Graduates, Agency Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and Job Seekers.

The series of webinar events included an introduction to the details of the activities, webinar rules, explanations about NusaTalent, and presentation of material by David Christ, CEO of Argo Asia Network as a speaker. The materials presented include creative topics, digital business, digital marketing, brand strategy, brand marketing, creative development, and the like.

One of the materials that caught the attention of the participants was about tips for making Creative Development. David explained that there are four insights.

First, Readymade is like a prohibition to make everything from scratch, so it is recommended to build and perfect the pre-made.

Second, The 3% Rule explains that we have to change as much as 3% to the original form to fulfill two human desires: familiarity and novelty. 

Third, The Power of Humor, at this point, explains that humor is quite essential and is often used as the language of instruction in opening communication.

Fourth is Collaboration is Key. This point teaches that we should not be afraid to collaborate and be open to working with anyone.

When you have creative ideas for the campaign, always aim the great execution to make a better campaign for your brand!